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MICHAEL LEARN TO ROCK is a pop-rock band from Denmark, established by Jascha Richter (keyboard), Kare Wanscher (drummer), Mikkel Lentz (guitarist) fan Soren Madsen (bass and guitar). In 1988 they conceded, that the name 'Michael Learns to Rock' was taken from Michael Jackson's name.

Michael Learn To Rock delivered their most memorable collection with a similar name in 1991 and made progress in Europe and Asia, then, at that point, 1993 they delivered their subsequent collection named 'Colours', and the third collection was delivered in 1993 with the title 'Played on Pepper' which sold 1.2 million espressos.

In 1996 they delivered the collection Most Prominent Hits which sold 3.4 million copies, their fourth collection which was delivered in 1997 sold 1.1 copies. Greatest Hits - Strange Foreign Beauty was delivered in 1999 and sold around 1,000,000 copies. The fifth collection named 'Blue Night' additionally sold more than 1,000,000 copies.

With a long vocation Michael Learn To Rock has created many hits, here are their greatest hits, The Actor delivered without precedent for 1991 in the collection 'Michael Learn To Rock' Number 1 on the Norwegian charts and number 7 on the Swedish charts Sleeping Child Hits from the album Colours delivered in 1993 Out of Blue Hits from the album Colours delivered in 1993 That's Why (You Go Away) Delivered in 1995 in the collection Played on Pepper Number 1 on the Danish charts Paint my Love In 1997 the album Nothing to Lose, stage 4 in Danish chart.

Michael Learn To Rock is quite possibly one of the most famous bands in their country. On account of virtual entertainment, for example, YouTube and Facebook, MLTR's fan base keeps on increasing around the world. They're uncommon for a European gathering in that they have solid prominence both in Asia (especially China and India) as well as in a few Somewhat English-American countries. Under the name Michael Learn To Rock the group of four made its debut at the occasion 'Dansk Rock Grand Prix' that occurred in Rhus in May 1988. The band won the opposition, and a couple of months after the fact it enrolled in the then-most renowned melodic rivalry in Rhus. Michael Learn To Rock won convincingly at the finals in July 1988 and met on that event their future administrator and booker JP ANDERSEN, the advertiser of one of the significant celebrations of Denmark. 

Over the following two years, through his endeavors, the band accessed various occasions in Denmark. They played in little and enormous clubs, at little celebrations, and in punctuation schools. Before long Michael Learn To Rock extended their experience from enormous crowds in a joy to tiny ones. On the whole and preeminent they figured out how to play under all conceivable and inconceivable circumstances - and especially the last option delivered a dear companionship and a solidly developed band.

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